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What is a Running Tour or Sightrunning?

It is not a race. It is a lovely run over the city with a local runner, born and growed up in Rome. So you will visit the city and training at the same time.The format of the running tour is to make regular stops for further explanations, for photos an for drink water from some of the roman fountains along the route.

Do I need to be fit?

All Running Tours are suitable for all running abilities!

We always go at your pace. If we are a group of runners, we will go at the pace of the slowest person in the group.

How fast do I need to be?

Custom Tours: when you book a custom tour, the local runner will be completely at your pace. We can have a mix between walking and running.

​Other tours: the runningtour is not a race. It must be a pleasure run in Rome and we will run at the pace of the lowest runner. Based on our experience, usually the 10k run take 1 hour and 20 minutes with a lot of stops to take some pictures and to drink water on the road. Sometime less than 1h20' and sometime more.

Where can I leave my bag?

We offer a luggage deposit only at the "Sunset Aperitif Run" tour.

We have agreements with the hotel from where we start. All bags are left at your own risk.

I can’t make the run… Can I have a refund?

Off Course!

Do I neet to bring water with me?

Is not necessary! Rome has a lot of fountains along our trip.

Are your tours suitable for children? Are there any age restrictions?

You must be at least 18 years old to paricipate in a running tour. Childrens may participate under the fully responsibility of their parents or guardians.

Are dogs allowed?


I am a mom… can I run with my baby in the stroller?

Yes you can. Also in that case you are the only fully responsible for the safety of the kid during the run.

Can you pick up us at the hotel?

If your accommodation address is in the Old Town, why not!

How much does it costs?

We have adopted a very different kind of concept about the running tour. We are not turistics guides but people who lover run. We are local runner so… if you enjoyed the run you are free to leave a tip and support our passion!


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