The best guide on how and where to run in Rome

Being able to visit Rome while running is the best choice you can make. Experience the city together with a local runner who will be able to show you hidden corners that you would never have found on your own. Running at dawn to the Colosseum or arriving in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican and running under the Pope's window, making a quick stop in one of the many Roman bars and savoring a nice espresso….

Running tours in Rome are the best way to stay in shape during your stay in Rome. Our routes start and end at your hotel and will be tailor-made according to your needs: average pace and km will be established by you. At the same time we will pass through the main places in the city of Rome, we will show you which are the best restaurants where you can recover the calories burned during our running tour, eat an excellent plate of pasta alla carbonara or a nice pizza.

We Roman runners are lucky, during our running session we don't need to bring a water bottle. Rome is dotted with over 2000 fountains, called Nasoni (big nose): all the water in Rome is drinkable

Running Tours Rome

In order to run around the main sites of Rome, our advice is to run at least 8km. But if you need to do more km? Then what is right for you is a nice run at dawn. Let's meet before dawn and run together through the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have planned routes of all distances: from 5 km to 32 km so as to satisfy any type of runner you are!

Roman Running Races

Rome hosts several internationally renowned races, as well as nearly weekly local races in the Rome area. Both offer unique opportunities to see Rome, its surrounding neighborhoods and to run with local runners.

Among the most famous races in Rome are:

- the Rome Ostia Half Marathon in March

- the Rome Marathon in March

- the Rome Appia Run 13km – in April

- the Rome Urbs Mundi 15 km - in October

- the We Run Rome 10 km on 31st December

- the 10 km Miguel Race in January with arrival inside the Olympic Stadium

- the Alba Race in June with arrival inside the Stadio Olimpico (start is at 05:30 AM)

- the X Milia – 10 Roman miles in February

Rome Running Paths

If you don't want to run with us, our routes are public and you can download them from Wikiloc. Of course… in this way you will not be aware of our anecdotes and legends…

If you want to run freely in the parks, we recommend these:

- Villa Borghese, the largest park in the historic center of Rome. Inside there is the famous Galleria Borghese museum, a small lake, the Casina Valadier and Piazza di Siena, famous for events with horses;

- moving towards South-East Rome there is the Parco degli Acquedotti. Its name is due to the Roman aqueducts that are still visible in the area today.

- just behind San Giovanni area begins the Caffarella Park, an immense wild park, where you can run surrounded by nature. The famous Appia Antica then starts from here: once you start running on this road it will be as

if you went back in time 2000 years.

Running clubs

Rome has many clubs, some more famous than others. If you need to be part of a Roman club, don't hesitate to ask which one is closest to you. With a cost of around 60 euros you can join the club, receive the running outfit and participate in all the proposed activities

Running Stores

Was your suitcase not delivered to you at the airport? Are you a running addict? Don't worry, in Rome there are many places where you can buy your shoes. There are some famous chains such as Cisalfa, Foot Locker and Decathlon... but if you really want to take care of your feet, we recommend the number one shop in the world of running: LBM SPORT. You can find it in the three points of the city:

- Via Tuscolana 187/a

- Via Carlo Felice 13/15 (FootWorks)

- Corso Somalia 13/15

When you pay for your shoe… mention our name and you will receive an additional discount!

Climate in Rome

Throughout the year we almost always have good weather. There are the classic 4 seasons and we hardly go below zero.

Between June and August it is preferable to go out early… the hot Roman summer is hard to run.

The coldest months are between mid-December and mid-February… Our trick? Dressing like an onion, with multiple layers... so you can decide during the run whether to take something off.

The Roman Empire

Distance: least 5 KM - 3MILES

Route: easy

Average Duration: 35' / 1h20'

La Dolce Vita

Distance: least 9 KM - 5 MILES

Route: easy

Average Duration: 1h / 1h40'

Angels & Demons

Distance: least 13 KM - 8 MILES

Route: easy

Average Duration: 1h30' / 2h

Night Run

Distance: least 5 KM - 3 MILES

Route: easy

Average Duration: 1h / 2h

Welcome to Shanghai

Distance: least 10 KM - 6 MILES

Route: easy

Average Duration: 1h30' / 2h

Trail running Rome

Distance: least 10 KM - 6 MILES

Route: easy

Average Duration: 1h / 1h30'

Sunset Aperitif Run

Distance: least 7 KM - 4 MILES

Route: easy

Average Duration: 45' / 1h20'


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